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Based on the 10 years experienced know-how in the broadcasting and image business line, Digitalsunwoo contribute to development of Korean broadcasting and image industry by providing broadcasting equipments, NLE(Non Linear Editing) system, DVD system, and Virtual studio system etc.

Virtual Studio, recently released by Digitalsunwoo, is newly developed for easily operated and reasonable priced system rather than traditional difficult and expensive system. Suggested by Digitalsunwoo, Virtual Studio system, model MagicSet 3D is, as a high-end virtual studio system based on Windows NT platform, providing one touch key camera switching, animation controlling, particle supporting, moving camera supporting, basic 3 camera supporting, MAYA / 3D MAX / SOFTIMAGE / LIGHTWAVE 3D Support, Full 3D virtual studio. It is the really an associate in this digital broadcasting period.

By suggesting the most reliable broadcast, image equipment, providing studio integration, contents creation, Digitalsunwoo is reborn to the comprehensive broadcast, image company.

As a provider of various solutions of broadcast, image and multimedia, Digitalsunwoo will do our best to develop and provide the next generation's broadcast technology. Also in customer's position, Digitalsunwoo will make a great effort to provide the most reliable and satisfying products.


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